Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I hope you had fun with yarn pom poms.... i did :)
I wanted to share another way to make pom poms - this time we will use recycled t-shirts. Im sure everyone has old, stained, to small collections of t-shirts ... now instead of using them to clean your car etc ...  we can use them for craft project and make them look beautiful again :)
Take a look :) I found perfect simple tutorial how to do recycled t-shirt pom poms :

I think it is super fun tutorial which explains very well step by step how to make this cool looking pom poms from scratch. And now I will show you what to do with this super fun recycled t-shirt pom poms :)
I found some great ideas for you and like I previously told you you can make them in any size you want :

Great recycled t-shirt necklaces :) super easy to make

Fun idea for recycled t-shirt ornament 

How about making recycled t-shirt  baby mobile

Set of beautiful recycled t-shirt pillows looks like fun idea to me

And last but not least recycled t-shirt bouquet and fun necklace . Perfect gift set :)
 I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did 
Now I am super exited about making staff from recycled t-shirts so I will say good bye for now and go dig for some t-shirts to make something fun :)

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