Tuesday, October 16, 2012



I hope everyone had great weekend . Today let's talk "creative" .
I found great idea for projects using yarn. Its sooo much fun and whole family can be involved :) 
I'd like to show you how to make yarn pom poms and few ideas how we can creatively use them for project except just attaching them to hats :)
First take a look at two techniques making them and pick the one which you feel more comfortable with :

You can make this pom poms in any size any color you wish - just use your imagination :)

And now few ideas how we can use them :)

Super cute baby pom pom hat :)

Super cute to make our old sheets looking fun again

How about cute area rug :)

Pom pom flowers great mother - daughter project for rainy day 

Lets make baby room fun looking :)

And this beautiful idea is more involving but how gorgeous

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