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In last post I showed you great idea how to reuse old t-shirts and make awesome  t-shirt pom poms and use them as a decoration accent in your house or to make gorgeous  piece of jewelry .

From the very beginning I thought whole idea of reusing old wardrobe and be able to make something new and exiting is just brilliant :)
I decided to digg little bit dipper haha and I found more very creative and simple ideas for crafts using old t-shirts . 

 Number 1 and probably most popular use of old t-shirts is to make from them scarfs. There is looots of ideas for t-shirt scarfs. Below you will find basic tutorial and most clear and simplest I found  how to make scarf from old t-shirt :

It was pretty much simple right ? :) Below I wanted to show you that this basic sample you can make it more fancy by braiding it or combine different colors :

Braids look awesome ! But look at next picture . What happen here is before you tight each strip you need to put beed spacer on and then follow rest of the tutorial. This little accent makes it look more fun 

And one more technique (little bit different than first one but also very easy and popular) and instead of wrapping around all strips with piece of same fabric - like in tutorial one in last step - this one shows that you can use piece of leather to cover it which also makes it look your scarf fun looking.


 Next project - very easy one - you can involve your kids to help you. Only thing which I will suggest you to do is little bit preparation which involves cutting t-shirt for strips. It is very easy project - but time consuming. I found super fun inexpensive idea how to use your old t-shirts to make area rug - you can make area rug for kids room , your room or bath mat. You can mix colors of t-shirts to make it look more fun or to match interior of room which you are planing to make this fun rug for. From the experience I know that usually  in rainy day when moms has looots of things to do around the house kids getting bored very easily this is very time consuming project and I don't expect them to finish in one day but at least they will be making something for themselves and if they wont finish im sure next rainy old cold or ugly day will come so they can continue haha. I am finding this project very relaxing and easy. Something what you can do watching your favorite show or movie and same time creating super fun accent for your bathroom or room. But enough of talking take a look at easy tutorial I found:) Enjoy
 What you need to make it:
- strips of fabric (old t-shirt) and cut them 1inch x 5inches
-stuffed these strips into non-skid rug mat in desire size
- no need to tying strips :)

Easy right :) ???

So if you did liked this idea sure you will love next one :) Its a little bit more complicated but fun as well :)

This is just basic tutorial how to make this necklace and another idea how to use leftovers from your t-shirt from previous projects haha . You can improve this basic necklace look by adding beads or charms etc ... sky is the limit :) 
Pretty much simple project but little more difficult that rug or scarf .
Well, I'm not done yet haha I found more things you can make from old t-shirt :) 
Lets raise the bar little bit more :) Lets look at another idea I found :

I can hear you saying already : " this is to much" . It looks very complicated but its really not . What you need to do is to get piece of felt from craft store ($0.29) in desire color. Cut out shape of moon and then cut your old t-shirt in small squares (they don't have to be perfect) . Then you just grab your hot glue gun and glue them on felt piece really close next to each other so you will get this tight effect . Last thing is just either glue or sew on piece of nice ribbon :) 
Easy !!!

Since you were able to this one lets make something little bit more difficult :) We have so much practice with old t-shirts now that we can make it something more complicated . Don't be scared .It looks very complicated but its basically same idea as above but instead of squares u need to cut out circles in different sized and sew them on starting from biggest one and going smaller toward middle :) And you don't have to make pillow if you don't want to . Use something what you have home, something what you got bored with and make it look new and fun :)

You probably thinking what I have for you next haha . Well, last but not least and totally different technique and so much fun. I think that we all had accidents with bleach. And we made bleach stains on our thirts. Well next project will show you how to use bleach for fun using your old t-shirt (even one with bleach stains on it :) - you can work around your old bleach stains - just use your imagination ) Super fun tutorial :

Obviously you need to put something to separate front of your t-shirt from back. You can use garbage bag . And then have fun just draw whatever comes to your mind . You can also make signs or make same statement on your bleach t-shirt - saying : Go green, Love etc etc ...
I think last one is little bit smelly haha but super fun effect after all :)
If you want to get more finished, polished result I will suggest that after your t-shirt dries from bleach you could outline your design or color it in using either permanent markers in desire colors or get in craft store special markers for t-shirts :)
There is much much .....much more ideas for using your old  t-shirts but I think for now we have lots to do :)
Please fell free to comment, ask questions about anything. I am craft addict and I am happy to advice you with all your problems :)
See you :)
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