Friday, October 19, 2012


Today I wanted to share with you couple of mine thoughts about fashion.
Every year before every season we watching fashion shows to find out what will be trending for upcoming season. And yes all designers tips are very helpful and great. What I noticed sparkly wardrobe, accessories , sequins are still very high on designers list. Even little bling bling accessory will make your outfit more alive. 
Last night I was surfing on internet looking for some very unusual outfits. I love look different and I do not necessary care about designers rules for season. I make my own rules and trying to look fashionable and different.  I love playing with clothes , putting outfit together pick accessories but I hate follow rules lol even if it comes to fashion. :)
My mom always says that rules exist so we can brake them haha and if it comes to fashion - yes I am breaking them constantly but I guess I never missed because whenever I go I am still getting lots of complements :)
I found few girls which style I really admire and love variety and color , fabric and texture combination in their outfit . Take a look at my favorite once .

Let's take a look at first image . First of all what I love abut it is COLOR. Ohhhh I am crazy about this color . Of course combination of sequins and  silk is awesome .

I love this idea for outfit. I love casual feeling but with little sparkle . She had great idea to use sequin tank top as a camisole over stripe blouse. And she picked statement necklace and jean jacket . She look casual but very fashionable !!! I love combination of evening look and casual . Great  idea !!!
Let's take a look at second one  . First of all what I love abut it is COLOR. Ohhhh I am crazy about this color . Of course combination of sequins and  silk is awesome .

I would say this image and idea is very similar to both above . Combination of fabrics, texture and sparkle of course. She can go out like this with friends to grab some drink as well as she could easily wear it as casual outfit .

This outfit is sweetheart to me :) I love casual feeling ,looks very comfortable . I love combination of ruffle blouse with pink sweater and strpe skirt. And special effect to this outfit is leather belt which looks like she didn't pay to much attention putting it on - but Im sure she did :) Great idea

And here we have totally different story. Very unique, retro looking, white coat with black buttons which is very feminine and showing her waist. I love Statement accessory which in this case is french looking beret and tulle skirt. Extremely awesome and beautiful outfit. She looks very feminine, fashionable and sexy !!!

Hmmm, when you look at this image you probably think : this girl is obsessed with sequins haha. And you are probably right. I love sparkly top and kind of tutu looking skirt combined with this dark blue jacket. She looks very fashionable and cute. Sometimes I don't feel like deciding which aaccessories will go with my outfit so I will wear sequin top or camisole and this way Im getting little bling bling without wearing accessories.

And now totally extravaganza !!I I will admit I have my days when I love to look  similar to this model. Usually I wear very simple outfit with contrasting colors and suuuuuper oversized satin flower brooch In crazy statement color. Because i design accessories I always make them xxxxxxlarge for myself and regular size for my customers haha.
You can find my crazy oversized flower brooches on my website

Lets get down to the Earth haha . This is more casual than last one but still very fashionable and cute. i love color combination , and fact shes wearing nicely fit skinny jeans  showing belt which is great accent for this crazy , awesome looking color combination and..... she thought about everything by picking brownish oversized bag with great texture to calm everything down little bit. LOOOOVE IT!!!

This is sample of outfit which you probably see all the time  on the strrets. Leather jacket, boots and purse with skinny jeans and white shirt . I do to i see this combination a lot but you know what i never got bored with it. it never got old to me. Its simple and classic and If I don't have idea what to wear i can always wear this :)

Ha , since we got casual for little bit lets stand out again. Great outfit. Beautiful sweater, very rich design - you do not need really any accessories with it . 

I love feminine coats which showing waist. Its very classic look but texture and design of this coat is just mind blowing . Yellow and black, big black satin bow showing and oversized leather black bag look just amazing 

And last one but not least. This girl is wearing very calm, natural colors. probably if she would have sandals on I wouldn't be impressed to much. But because she picked sparky heels and oversized bag it makes it look very different and fashionable !!

I hope you enjoyed my crazy choices :)

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