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Top Ten Fashion Trends For Spring 2012...

My ten best fashion tips for spring ...

Another color trend being you will see this spring, especially in handbags and shoes is neon's. Such as bright blues, yellows, greens, oranges, and hot pinks.

Do you Crochet? Well it's back... Crochet vests are big this spring, maybe you can look to the back of your closet . maybe you might have a bit of a crochet number lurking.

The color that jumps out at the head of the line for this spring when it comes to neon shades, is orange! Less face it there is no other color that can make a loud fashion statement as bright orange. So need a new handbag or a great pair of shoes? Make it orange.

Belt bags are one of the great big trends... However, I am not talking "fanny packs'...Stick to the new small square flat belt bags - so cute, and less weight to carry on that shoulder.

Feet need a rest This spring kitten heels are big... The kitten heel is a good choice this spring. They are feminine, and classic, as well as comfortable.

Creamy neutrals, all done up to give you a very feminine look. Flowing pajama - styles, tunics. All meant to be classical, and again comfortable.

Think whimsical pattrens. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting Whimsical prints.

Stripes - Stripes seem to hold a place in fashion year after year. You can't go wrong wearing stripes, from head to toe...

High-Waisted flare pants are so big this spring... The pant that Katharine Hepburn made so popular, is back... I suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt, so you can flash up the look with a flashy thin belt.

Mint IT's So Hot cool color

This soft blue pastel suit shows a bit of a shoulder pad to sightly broaden the shoulder line.

Fashion Trends You Need To Know About...

Designers this spring and summer are utilizing heavenly fabrics, light as a cloud so to say... - and putting out some wonderful heaven inspired designs. Soft and feminine dresses, and blouses, to make you feel like a bit of an angel.

Designers have not left all you little devils out. This spring and summer you will see a big come back in red! A bold color that is not just for you red hot gals.

Many fashions this season will be sewed up with the up most intricately, touting pleats, folds, and draping. Giving references to ancient Greece and Rome.

The oh so sexy one shoulder look is also big for this summer. Lots of designers have given the a two-sleeve look the cold shoulder ...

The Katharine Hepburn's influence as always still reigns. You will continue to see tailored blazers, cute fitted cardigans, and ties ...

As mentioned above florals are so big this spring and summer...You will see the racks over loaded with wonderful floral's, from soft muted pastels, to South Pacific inspired with bright and bold floral's - just about in every shade you can imagine...

It seems more than a few designers are adding the sexy silk robes look to their line this spring. Not to mention drawstring shorts, and vertical stripes. The pajama party look with an elegant twist...

This Creamy neutral Sheath is all done up to give you a very feminine classical look...

note the wonderful natural drape at the bottom of the skirt.

Color was everywhere on the runways for spring/summer. However , many top designers mixed in black and white creations, and also dull neutrals seem to hold on this season.

Photo - This great design is by Michael Kors. Note how he incorporated lace in the skirt, and mixed it all up with a sporty strip mix at the top.

Lace is big this season, it is being used as never before. It is popping up not only in evening wear and lingerie, but ready to wear- not to mention its covering shoes, and handbags, you name it...

Check out the fab handbag - bright white clutch with shiny chains. The biggest trend in handbags this spring/summer - short strapped oversized handbags or totally over sized clutch's... Another big trend in handbags that was evident on this springs runways, lots of shiny hardware.

Black & White And All Mixed Up !

Note how the designer mixed the fabrics and patterns in a way that complimented one another perfectly.

Stripes Are So Hot For 2012 !

Check out the classic looks, and the bold looks in stripes for spring.

One of the big trends this season is anything striped... Expect to see lots of stripe, not only on wonderful nautical knit tops, but dresses, handbags, and even shoes...

Check out photo above outfit of "Michael Kors" design - He used a very simple classical nautical striped top, and mixed it up with a long button cardigan, and flare a-line skirt ... The results - a chic casual look.

Stripes Of A Bolder Nature - were all over the New York Runways for spring 2012....

What's New in Shorts This Season?

the waist- line is a bit higher...And more comfortable

This year you will see some great changes in the waist band ... Last year, you had the tiny hipster waists, plunging to an uncomfortable low, so to say.

This summer look forward to being comfortable, and some what lady like... The return of a bit higher waist .

In regard to length - You will see short shorts, to knee toppers, that just hit the top of the knee. The fit on a knee topper should be straight, not tight - straight. You will also see some great cuffed shorts, very tailored, and very cute.

High Waist Pants Have Become a Big Trend This Season

It's great to see the high waist pant come back into style. Note the oh so feminine floral blouse... High waisted pants also look great with the biker look jackets....

Paisley Prints Are Classicly Used In Spring/Summer Fashions!

Another big trend this season - Anything Paisley
Fashions that scream color and fun! Dresses, skirts, blouses, handbags, shoes, will all be out there for the pickings... Paisley will be infused into so many great fashions this season. Some designers adding Bollywood glam to infuse fun bright paisley into otherwise boring fashions. Consider adding a bit of paisley into your spring/summer wardrobe.

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