Saturday, November 13, 2010

About me :)


 I'd like to write few words about myself. I think that will make us "closer" and help get connected on more personal level.  Thanks to this few words to You will  understand why my jewelry is so special.
   I was born in little city in Poland in middle class family. My mom was a teacher and she always involved me in her work. I was helping her a lot with getting school projects ready for kids at her class. This kind of help needed a lot of precession, imagination and artistic abilities of course. I learned then  how to be esthetic, precise and exercise me brain and imagination. Sometimes my mom was taking me to school with her and letting me watch her working with kids. I was  sitting then at last desk, watching her and kids. There was nothing more fun than possibility to help my mom at school, and the best reward for my work was her smile and happiness on kids faces which loved my projects made for them. 
  I guess by then I started paint a lot and work more to develop my artistic abilities. It was giving me so much fun and pleasure. After a while painting wasn't enough. I was "hungry" for more. I wanted to create. And I guess because I was born in middle class family most off my dolls and teddy bears was made by me. I loved my rag dolls and wardrobe made by myself ... It was so much fun making clothes for my dolls and teddy bears from old clothes, broken jewelry, leftover rags from moms projects.
  With years when I got bigger my designs were more adult and from from projects for my dolls and teddy bears  I moved my passion to design on myself. Being fashionable & extravagant became my signature. I always looked different than girls in my age. I was getting a lot of complements about my clothes, accessories etc from people I knew. For minimum reward I started design for my friends and people I knew. One day someone suggested that I should start to sell my designs. And then idea of Victoria Desemone company was born.
  Thats wonderful feeling to have opportunity to share with You my ideas and the biggest reward and complement for me and for my work is each sold product. 
  Please  check my website to see full selection. Every week I will be adding new wonderful products.
  Your emails with comments, suggestions, tips are always very welcome and very valuable for me. They are my inspiration.
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