Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Have you ever seen a girl in a really cute outfit and thought she looked great, but that something was missing? Maybe you’ve stood in front of the mirror in your dorm or apartment in a great dress and a pair of boots and still felt blah? We’ve all been there–the basics of an outfit look totally stylish, but there’s a certain something that’s off.
In cases like these, there’s an often-overlooked wardrobe essential that can make all the difference: accessories! We’re talking shoes, bags, and jewelry, all of the key players! And the best part? These additions are super easy to grab or put on and still make a huge impact on your style.
Below, I’ve listed the 5 ways of using just one accessory that every girl should own, plus tips on how to use them to make any outfit runway-worthy! Interested? Read on.
First of all I designed this great clip which you can clip into almost anything you wish starting from hair, all kinds of hats, dresses, tshirts, blouses, jackets, bags, beach bags bathing suits etc etc ....
I could go on and on and on ... girls sky is the limit, just use your imagination :)!!! 
Using my clip in few seconds you will turn simple boring outfit into something either girly or elegant it depends from you.  My clips are available at :
One of my felt flowers also can be clipped in to anything
Felt flower in my hair, I think it looks awesome
Satin flowers collection I am using them on anything :)

I think they look pretty awesome on beach hats , bags and bathing suits ... sometimes we have beach party so I just quickly clipping my flower to my bathing suit, hair or shall around my waist and im ready to go straight from beach to beach party or bar :)

They are also look great on purses... little black dress plus this and you look great in seconds :)

Even if I go shopping and want to look not to fancy but cute , Im clipping my flowers to T-shirt and wear with jeans and I look cute and my look is finished :)
 Girls just get my awesome multifunctional accessory on my web: and they are 40% off for all my followers . Just before you checkout contact me thru my fb or blog or my website :)
Like i mentioned before I could go on and on and on with options :) 
Sky is the limit :) use your imagination and just go crazy with this awesome multifunctional accessory of mine. 
HUUUUUUGE request for you : email me pictures how you are wearing it and for best ideas I have prize : $50 coupon for

HAVE FUN !!!!!!

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