Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello ,

Today was extremely cold day here in New York. I guess I already miss summer haha. I was staying home with my cute dog Rocky getting ready for weekend . Almost every Saturday me and my finance Luke and our Rocky of course going mountain biking or photo-walks . We like spent weekend very active :) 
Tomorrow we were planning to go to the shore shoot same long exposure images of ocean and sunset. Unfortunately we are both scared of cold haha so we will give up on this project tomorrow and shoot something in less windy more cozy area lol :)
But... But... because I was staying home today I went thru all photos I took past year to organize them and I found few from our vacation in Florida. I felt warm sun on my face right away I opened them haha.
Because this nice warm feeling I decided to edit them and discover some of Lightroom secrets  . I would like to share them with you :)

 When we were walking in Florida we found this beautiful building which looked like castle . I capture just part of it so it will look like castle :)
Florida Castle

Photo walks are super fun - healthy and creative :) We always have sooo much to talk about and every time we packing our cameras we are so exited what day will bring us :)
Enjoy your day !!! :)

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