Friday, October 12, 2012


I mentioned previously that Im in love in photography since a year now :) and because of that Im constantly searching internet for great ideas to capture, inspiration techniques etc etc 
Tonight I came across two images which immediately Im in love with . You have to see them. They are just amazing . Maybe one day i will be able to capture such a moments ...

When I came across this shot I was speechless . You have to admit that is just brilliant capture !!! 

There you go ... another awesome shot. I just noticed they both taking at winter time and in last post I mentioned I miss summer already. But after I find these two photos i want winter now haha

This one shows Dubai where me and my finance want to go one day :)
So many lights and great opportunities for long exposure shots
I guess I love castles lately haha

And finally last one... I have to be there one day ...haha . I don't know yet where is but I will find out :) if any of you knows where was taken this picture please post a comment

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