Saturday, October 13, 2012


How is everyone doing today?
Today I would like to forget about photography and talk little bit about upcoming fall season fashion. I know fall wardrobe is not that bright, colorful and fun looking like summer or spring but using few very bright accessories or one part of outfit will make our autumn outfit fun looking with little touch of summer :) i found few examples to give an idea what I am talking about :)

Take a look at this one. Without few turquoise accents it would look boring .This few accents made this outfit looking fun, fashionable head turner. You can pick your own color of accent it doesn't have to be turquoise :) Great outfit for work, meeting, or dinner 

And here its basically same idea its just more casual looking style. Running errands it's not fun and exhausting sometimes but we can look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time :)
BTW this link when you can get similar necklace 

This fun and elegant outfit is perfect for fun night out with friends or date. Either you planning grab few drinks, or movies you wont look dressed up .Gold and animal print accessories make it look edgy and youthful
I found perfect bracelet for this outfit:

This is very casual , fashionable outfit perfect either for regular day errands or sudden lunch invitation and again color of the blouse make it look fun looking and not boring 

I know what you are thinking how came this outfit is  fall season. This one I would definitely recommend for fall and wear black thick tight with it :) Its very fun looking . Crazy combination of stripes and flowers makes it very interesting
Very similar earrings you will find here

I always say accessories make your outfit !!!
If you don't have ideas for outfit just wear something simple and put very big accessories on and you done  !!!!

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